Unfortunately, some businesses are just not as thrilling as others and so aren’t exactly the most interesting or easily talked about. This leads to a little trepidation among businesses and companies regards bothering to join companies that are perceived as a little tedious. After all nobody wants to have a boring post constantly as a fixture on their wall. So, how do more dowdy businesses manage to lift their social media game?

facebook_2 Social Media tips for Uncool Businesses

 Social Media tips for Uncool Businesses


Sexy is Easy

The sexier something is, the easier it is to sell. Industries that are a little grey are often not too sexy; however this doesn’t mean you have any excuse to bore your audience. That said you can never expect to be as popular as McDonalds. However, like any great company who’s been kicked; use their indifference as motivation and be smart and to put it simply – ‘use it on the field’.


Why are you here?

Social media is not the half time adverts during the Super Bowl; it is however a platform for people to be sociable on and for people to interact on. No one ever joined social media to have advertisements infiltrate their personal lives and grind them down – they did so to be in contact with friends – or to spy on old boyfriends at the very least. In short, use discretion and don’t turn it into an advert. Use social media to be sociable, engaging and to build trust – not to sell!


People Sell

Big businesses and corporate machines will always seem like they are nothing more than just that. By adding a personal touch to your perceived boring business you lift it to the next realm. Be sure that the people that are communicating with you understand that there is in fact a real person behind the logo. There are a number of ways to do this and to make people feel all the more comfortable and interested.


Social Media takes Investment

In the case of social media time is almost everything. You may not be able to send an employee out there to work 40 hours a week at social media. However, try and ensure that your company has a designated person, in the know pulling the Facebook reins. Corporate businesses can change their face via social media and create a far more personable opinion. However, it’s not easily, quickly or luckily done. It’s about a strategy and a plan and of course time. If you want to change this opinion of your fusty business, then you’ll need to do this.


Be the Tortoise; Not the Hare

Businesses have a strange perception that they can be social media superheroes within the week. This is not the case and you never know what works until you analyse it. Even the biggest companies analyse, take their time over things and make calculated decisions on social media. Nothing happens instantly and if it does it will probably have a negative long term effect. Be aware of this and you have little to worry about and you can change opinions and make social media work for you.


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