Cutting to the point, did you know that 40 per cent of Google searches are SoLoMo (short for social-local-mobile) searches and over 71 per cent of mobile searches are because of an ad seen online or offline. Social media is also highly mobile with 55 per cent of users accessing Twitter and 425m using Facebook on mobile – Similarly YouTube’s mobile traffic tripled last year. So, as you can see the importance of SoLoMo is pretty hard to ignore. We’re all well aware that many people are social, local and mobile, so how do we effectively integrate SoLoMo into our businesses – well, here’s how via our SoLoMo tips for your business.

solomo SoLoMo Tips for your Business

Local – SoLoMo Tips for your Business

First, localise your business campaigns to the immediate area. From marketing at local events to local SEO there’s plenty you can do to really hit home in your local area. Show loyalty to your community and invest in marketing activities there and watch as you grow.

 SoLoMo Tips for your Business


Show what makes you different within your campaign. Why are you different from other local business and why should people prefer you. By reaching out to the local community you can create an apt message for your local audience and reach them far easier.


Google say that 20 per cent of searches are local, with a rise to 40 per cent for mobile. Optimise your SEO for local searches and really nail this area. Many local businesses won’t be doing it, so with a large amount of search being local; you can really take a market share. Use the likes of Google+ Local and Qype to help and encourage customers to review your services.

Share – SoLoMo Tips for your Business

Encourage sharing and increasing of engagement. If you are offering an offer, do so via social media and encourage others to share. If you are holding an event get people to bring other people. It’s all about getting your business out there in the immediate local sphere and then making the most of it.


You’d be amazed at how local people will enjoy sharing a video that has their local area featured in it. Create an interesting video that includes the locality and watch as others share it in the immediate area. People like to be included in video and like to see things they can relate to on screen. Use the usual paradigms for success at home and also elsewhere.

Mix it Up – SoLoMo Tips for your Business

Though we always love to push the digital sphere, the analogue and traditional marketing area is important too. People don’t tend to differentiate between the two, so integrate them and make the most of your local area, each way and everyway you can.

Through using smart digital and analogue exercises in the local marketing arena and being SoLoMo you can really increase your success rates. Be savvy, think local and watch it succeed.

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