The increasingly common use of social media in the work place means a policy for its use is often necessary. With social media there is often no way to know how problems may come about, whether personal, or legal. So, what’s the best way to sort out your social media policy? We lend a helping hand by providing our top 5 social media policy tips.

successful_social_media_policy_tips Successful Social Media Policy Tips

Bring everyone together and get input from a range of different people. This ensures that almost everything should be accounted for and that any problems will be out in the open and can be solved before the policy is put in place.

 Successful Social Media Policy Tips


Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing; creating a culture that changes with time is more pragmatic than a rigorous manifesto. Reinforce this culture and look into areas such as creativity, connection, consistency and transparency.

Focus on the larger picture and what is and isn’t allowed. The law is constantly changing in relation to social media and Twitter use, try keep abreast of this and communicate these changes with your staff. This is one of the very most important social media policy tips and should be ignored.

Work/Private life

You may also have to create a policy for social media outside of work. There have been many problems of the business related nature caused by the use of social media outside of employment.

Whether it is tweeting work specific information, or discussing things with other employees that shouldn’t be discussed in a public sphere – there are numerous issues that can cause problems. Don’t allow connection with personal accounts and business accounts and look into legal ramifications of employees using work accounts for personal use. State clear guidelines here to prevent issues.


Educate your employees of the problems caused by such blurred lines. Show them what can happen and what can they do to avoid it. This will all mean that you won’t have any crossing of the lines.

Privacy at work and at home should be separated and the whole idea of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas should enter into the social media philosophy of a company. Explain to your employees why this is and demonstrate why.

Legal Social Media Policy Tips

After your policy is created get a solicitor to look through it for legal loop holes. Look for solicitors who know what they’re on about and are experienced in the area i.e. not your financial solicitor. This can cost some money, but is less costly than being sued.

Keep Up

As we’ve mentioned numerous times through our social media policy tips, Corporate social media use changes rapidly. This means that after you’ve spent all this money, look through it every six months and don’t just leave it there. This allows you to keep up with changes, challenge culture in the company and also look into new developments. This keeps the idea of a responsible culture in the limelight and ensures it wasn’t time wasted in the first place.

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