Looking to increase fan engagement on your social media pages? Well fortunately there are some great Facebook apps for the purpose. We take a look at our very favorite apps for social media fan engagement.

best_apps_for_social_media_fan_engagement The Best Apps for Social Media Fan Engagement

Fan of the Week

For those with larger sites and lots of participation this is a great app that rewards the person who has participated the most on your page. It comes with a tab with the fan of the week’s face and posts to the page wall at the same time every week so people will know when to look.

 The Best Apps for Social Media Fan Engagement


Similar to the aforementioned app, Booshaka has a table of the top fans of the week and is calculated on comments, likes and posts. It even has a history of every fans participation on your page and allows you to track rising or falling fans.


Changes (once again) in Facebook’s algorithm mean that it’s allowing third party postings from this app, as well as TweetDeck and HootSuite. Though it is recommended always to post manually, these apps are useful for some automated posting now and again.

Networkedblogs brings in the post title and a picture from the blog as well as a few lines and posts it with a share button on top. This allows readers to easily share their posts and is a key of our favorite apps for social media fan engagement.

Post planner

Of course if you use the previous app this one is no harm either. Post Planner allows you to schedule with videos or pictures and allows you to post at the perfect time when your followers are engaging with your Facebook brand page.


For businesses with a YouTube channel, integrating it into your Facebook is advisable and allows people to easily access your videos. The programme will automatically display the latest videos and allows you to easily post with just two clicks when you require.


This app allows you to bring live video to your Facebook page allowing you to perform interactively with your audience. You can record videos for looking at, at a later stage.

Constant Contact

This app allows you to add a newsletter signup form on your Facebook page and includes a number of iFrame designs. It’s a simple app to use and allows you to add pictures and text easily. There’s no code and it’s easily integrated and used if you have the Constant Contact email service.


This app allows you to integrate a storefront in your page as well as PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net. It’s a little bit more time consuming to set up a store than using the other apps here but it’s a great way to garner sales. Of course this is a great way to becoming a social eCommerce pro and making getting a little more attention for your business venture.

All of these apps offer you a great opportunity to increase fan involvement on your page and offer a smoother running experience in the process. Welcome tabs are also a great way to increase engagement by greeting new fans with custom content. We hope you find our list of apps for social media fan engagement useful. Please let us know via the comments.

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