For many of us our blogs allow us to share new information, add new content and also gain an audience willing to share information about things related to us. However, sometimes just getting clicks is not enough. Retaining traffic and building up subscribers, followers and quality readers are the essence for building a popular blog and is even more valuable than just hits and the odd rise in traffic from viral posts.

tips_for_building_a_popular_blog Tips for Building a Popular Blog

Building a Popular Blog – Customers are potential readers

Any of your customers are certainly possible readers for a business blog – remember this. The reason for this is because customers have an interest in what you are selling and so may be lured into subscribing to your blog on a more regular basis. Use follow up calls, emails, newsletters, subscriber buttons on everything you own and a number of other means to change the customer to a subscriber.

Be Sustainable

People can use any number of tricks to increase their page ranks and the amount of hits a blog gets. Offering misleading titles and other aspects to increase hits is common. However, getting a person to read all your blog and come back for more is a lot harder. Use honest and descriptive headlines and be creative with your content. To ensure readers stick, quality, interesting content is a necessity.


It is easy to cast a wide net and gather in all sorts of readers, however this general readership is little good for getting a repeat readership. Specific blogs have the highest subscriptions and targeting a certain person will see you flourish with quality, repeat readers.

Building a Popular Blog – Welcome Guests

By allowing guest posts, you not only get more unique content for SEO purposes, but also increases readership. By using guests, you often get a lot of their readership and so can utilise this fact to create more readership for your own site and get more subscribers.

This is a two way system and by offering to guest post on other blogs and offering a link you get a backlink and also more readers from the other site to link back to your blog and perhaps also subscribe. Guests are a vital element in building a popular blog.


By blogging at certain times of the day, or if you’re smaller, certain days, people expect a blog at a certain time. This means you don’t fall into the trap of intermittent blogging and people look at your site, knowing there will be new content there.

Being consistent and offering readers a unified voice, in a similar manner to a paper, or magazine allows for this increase in readership. Make sure all standards of content are high and use an editorial tone which you stand behind. People can understand what you believe in and if you are questioned you can back it up with your own knowledge.

By following these guides you should be able to take the first steps to building a popular blog.

What do you do with your blog to ensure long term readership? Any tips to share please do so via the comments section.

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