Facebook’s ads are big business and if you follow the changes in revenue since their introduction, you’ll see a very notable five time increase in the last few years alone. Facebook will see this increase further, following changes and tweaks before its IPO. Users can now optimise ads for not just likes, but anything, and it seems Facebook ads are becoming the thing the company is really pushing. The extended ads manager, allows companies to set up ads for comments, or a number of other features or metrics. This makes for the hitting of very specific groups by marketers and makes for some very significant choices in how marketers are going to make your adverts seem natural. Here are some tips to improve Facebook ad performance.

facebook_ads Tips to Improve Facebook Ad Performance

 Tips to Improve Facebook Ad Performance

Target by Gender – Improve Facebook Ad Performance

This can really increase who you’re hitting, yet is said to be only done by about 4 out of every 10 marketers and was ninth on the criteria’s changed according to Social Choice. Targeting by gender can really mean you’re hitting a specific, obviously something very important, depending on what you’re offering.

Sponsored Stories 

These have a very high click through rate when compared to other forms of adverts, yet according to the same survey only 55 per cent use them. This is a sure fire way to improve Facebook ad performance.

Change it Up – Improve Facebook Ad Performance

Research has shown that the peak click through rate time for an ad is within the first 72 hours. After this period the CTR falls significantly  – something not good for creative adverts. Changing them around every 2-3 days significantly helps with the CTR and your overall success.

Ad Management

You’d be very surprised when you hear only 15 per cent of companies according to Social Fresh use ad management software for their adverts. This software can offer you insights into campaigns that you otherwise won’t get – make the investment and save. A vital tool to improve Facebook ad performance.

Third Party – Improve Facebook Ad Performance

Third party analytics can really give an insight into the ROI on Facebook and its ads, yet a large number of people still don’t use them for their business. Using these tools can really provide your find the areas you’re doing strongly or poorly in and help you make some cash. You need to know what happens after the user clicks to make maximum impact.


According to the survey, over 70 per cent of companies pointed their traffic to Facebook adverts, over an offsite area. Off site CPC’s are over half as high again as the Facebook ads or apps, which keep users inside the site. This of course makes for a higher ROI and is a smarter move.

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