Twitters new features have without doubt been created to increase the engagement of the Twitteratti. Aside from a new logo, Twitter has added a number of new changes and features that make finding and taking in the mass amount of material on the site that bit more manageable.

social_media_brand_health A look at Twitter’s New Features

Email Digest

Though not as renowned for its algorithms as Facebook, Twitter has entered the world of the weekly email and is filling it with the most relevant tweets and stories for your individual account. We find currently there have were few off centre stories added to the email, but to be honest Twitter have made a good start with this new service and get a lot right on the button, even now with it.

 A look at Twitter’s New Features

If you’ve not been near Twitter much during the week, then this is the perfect way in which to catch up and is undoubtedly going to improve in its accuracy.

Top Tweets

Another change, albeit one with little business ramifications is the Top Tweet of the Week feature. Twitter shows you the week’s top tweet without a link – so, it’s generally a list of whimsical, funny Tweets.

The aim of course, is to turn Twitter into something more human than a marketing device and garner interest in the human side of the site. It’s a nice touch and one that is sure to get people spending more time rooting through the site.

Pick your Trends

The new trending system called Tailored Trends allows you to really see the Tweets you want to see and is a much more comprehensive system than that of the previous trend watch. It really works for business people who want to keep in touch with the happenings in their industry and can be of really benefit.

Follow Suggestions

Twitter will now offer you suggestions of who to follow and place these in an email sent to you. Once again it uses algorithms from the people you follow currently to offer you a list of related people who you may also enjoy.

Just with the other aforementioned areas it’s not working like an exact science as of yet, but expect improvements to come as it’s tweaked and honed. It will more than likely have significant potential for business as it shows you relevant people in your industry and may be great for networking.

Stream Expansion

Though it sounds like some sort of new age meditation, expanding the stream allows you to now preview content, images and play videos. For those who produce blogs, articles and video this could soon be honed to perfection and really mean that working on your intro is an essential.

Currently only some big media outlets and papers can use the stream expansion feature, but expect this to change.

All of these features seem like they may work for the better of the site, which makes a welcome change after Facebook’s constant meddling.

What do you think? let us know via the comments.

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