The Facebook EdgeRank algorithm is one of the determining factors in what appears on your Facebook newsfeed. Like all great ideas, understanding how it works allows you to take advantage of it.

Knowing what content appears higher than others and most frequently, allows you to decide to an extent on what is best to post. Facebook EdgeRank is not too sophisticated, so understanding it is easily done, yet gives you an advantageous weight over other social media users.

 Understanding and Benefiting from Facebook EdgeRank

facebook_edgerank Understanding and Benefiting from Facebook EdgeRank

‘Edges’ are merely new content and rank is obviously the rank of the new content – hence the name. Facebook Edgerank Ranking is based on three fundamental things.

Affinity – u

This is the score based on how friendly you are with another person. Looking at a profile increases this, as does commenting on a page. This affinity rank is all measured by signs of you acting pro-actively towards a certain individual. However, some see an irony to this affinity area, as the more someone appears in your feed the more likely you are to comment, or interact with them – which increases affinity for the future.

Do note that your visits to someone else’s site wont effect how often you appear on their page as it’s only a one way showing.  However, by interacting they may interact back and increase their affinity towards you.

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Edge Weight – w

Certain content appears more often and this is known as Edge Weight. There are certain contents which receive more Edge Weight than others. The three contents vary widely, with Video/ Photos/ Links getting the most weight. These high weight scores should be added as often as possible as they are inclined to stay in feeds longer. There is weight on what a person is inclined to click on too, so someone who likes clicking on photos will see more in their feed, but generally weighting holds true.

Do note that if Facebook is trying to promote something, such as Pintrest at a time it will give it a higher Edge Weight than other mediums.

Recency – d

This is also known as decay (nice) and is based on old news becoming less interesting in algorithm circumstances. Essentially, something that is newer is more inclined to rank highly. The important thing here is to create content for the most popular times on Facebook, otherwise posting at a bad time may see content fall out of the screen before people log on and so they never see it.

Take Advantage of Facebook Edgerank

Understanding Facebook EdgeRank is fundamental for success in marketing through Facebook. Most of the algorithm is logical and those who use the site regularly will have picked up on most through their own feeds. However by playing it smart, you can create a very successful social media campaign.

Businesses that find themselves coming up with a new launch may start preparation by increasing the affinity long before the launch. This of course means the launch item will appear for longer in the feed, but also lead to increased contributions from those you engaged and who increased an affinity with you.

Don’t be afraid to try out new things and help your Facebook EdgeRank.

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