The social media darling of the moment is certainly Pinterest. The site has been added to Facebook’s list of apps and is already a Google favourite. So, how can you use the social media site to aid your business?

 pinterest_for_business_social_media Using Pinterest to Benefit your Business


Pinterest is the same as any other social media site in that you can only succeed through putting the time in. Users must build relationships with those who have a tendency for quality pins. This will mean that these people are more likely to put your product in their pins and so give you that boost you require.


The simple format of Pinterest is one of its central winning points. Ensure your pins are kept tidy, as no one will want to read clutter. By adding links to each pinned photo you can really improve traffic to your site and all that comes with it.

The Real and the Virtual

Just as with all other social media sites, you have to ensure that Pinterest connects your real store with the online interest. Featuring in store and online Pinterest promotions as well as buttons can really improve your customer’s interest in your Pinterest. Launching daily pin themes to promote brands and coming up with catchy slogans and images can aid your re-pinning. These also lead to people coming back on a regular, if not daily basis and so boosts interest in your site.

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Social Media

Use other more prominent sites to point people towards your Pinterest sites. Though Pinterest is very popular at the moment, it doesn’t have the exposure of Twitter and Facebook. Use your current interests to get people to sign up to your Pinterest site.

Promote Aids

If you promote products, you’re truly limiting yourself. As we all should know at this stage, posting aids, help, tips and advice is the way to garner interest. The web is a device for sharing, so to encourage people to take an interest use Pinterest as a way of showing  this and create some worthy content.

Established Names Are Great

We all know that following the big hitters on Twitter is a great way to get people to follow you back. Doing the same on Pinterest can really aid you and get popular figures to follow you back. Follow those who pin your products and you will find that in most cases they will follow you back.

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Be Picky

Pinterest is a site that works on quality and what interests, more than just quantity. Finding the unique and sharing is the best way to use Pinterest and can get you the much needed interest you require. Using this and also key phrases which help define your brand will really aid you. Pinterest essentially works on good manners, sharing and taking the time to work with others. By following the aforementioned tips and keeping these three things at mind you should succeed in this new world.

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