You can spend a lot of time asking yourself the question why your Tweets never are retweeted. There is of course an element of luck in being retweeted, but that element declines with increased success. You can increase the chances of retweets by understanding reasons people won’t retweet you. So, what are the main reasons people fail to bother to pass your Tweet on?
twitter_relationships Why People Don’t Retweet your Tweets

 Why People Don’t Retweet your Tweets


If people don’t know you then they won’t retweet you. To increase the chances of being retweeted you have to build trust in the communities you want to be retweeted by. This may involve interaction through tweeting, talking and commenting on and with others on Twitter and also other social media mediums. If you build trust and relationships, people are far more likely to retweet your messages.


Your Blog

No matter how high of quality your content is, if there are problems with your blog people won’t bother to retweet you. If your share buttons are broken, doesn’t include your Twitter handle automatically, is hard to read, full of adverts or doesn’t include a title; you may as well be spitting in the wind. People won’t retweet you and if they do, they’ll be the only ones to do so as your presentation in Twitter land will look appalling.


Content is King

Remember the importance of content. If your content is boring, about you or just poor and says nothing; there is little hope of interest let alone being retweeted.


Personal Values

If you come across as a member of the Republican Tea Party or some sort of crazy minority sect with strange views people are not going to re-tweet you. People retweet things they believe in, understand, agree with or find on topic. Things that stray beyond the line will seldom be retweeted without an air of irony. Content should be cool, unique and fun and create interest.

twitter-retweet Why People Don’t Retweet your Tweets

Don’t Use People – Be Genuine

If you only talk to people when you want them to share content expect to lose friends quickly.

Also don’t just follow people because they have an air of influence. These people will sense you coming like a bad smell and won’t want to take part in your tricks. Be genuine and talk to people you like, you share an affinity with and want to genuinely have a relationship with.


Bad Tweets

There are a number of things you can do to make it hard to tweet. If you use too many characters, have a bad title or too many hashtags, people really won’t want to tweet you. Keeping the egg Twitter image is also a poor choice and really doesn’t bode well for getting attention.


Same Same but the Same

If you constantly tweet the same stuff repeatedly, then you will not garner too much attention and people will see you as a bit of a bore. Mixing it up with interesting and intriguing content will aid your efforts and people will be more inclined to see what you say.

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