Everything that goes up must come down and it seems the laws of physics have hit Pinterest in a big way. After the success of the Jan/Feb period it seems that the site has flagged somewhat in April and is in fact now losing users.

AppData, which monitors the number of people who have signed up through Facebook has shown a 50 day continuous drop in use. The fall from 11.3m users in March, to 11.15 in April took a real tumble to 8.3m by the 20th of last month, it seems.

 Why Pinterest Interest is Flagging

Though the first three months saw Pinterest explode, it seems that the boom has subsided as it is no longer the in thing it once was. So, why has Pinterest interest dropped?

pinterest_tips Why Pinterest Interest is Flagging

Hot Thing

The amount of media coverage for Pinterest greatly outweighed anything seen for a long time. This of course saw a number of users jump on board merely for the novelty factor and to see what it was like. These users may have used the site a few times, saw it wasn’t their thing and dropped off using the site. Expect it to shed more users and then grow again through non-flash in the pan, salt of the earth types – though perhaps not at the same pace as before.


Instagram’s sale recently to Facebook just as it grew to its largest levels may show something of a similar trend. However, it seems that the Instagram people have decided to get out early and cash in on their site.

Secondary Site

Pinterest was always going to be a secondary site which would play second fiddle to the likes of Facebook and Twitter in social media terms. This perhaps was one of the reasons for the drop in figures. Users of primary sites may have entered for curiosities sake upon hearing of the media storm, but ended up seeing the site as little more than a periphery site and so lost interest, with certain limitations.

Changing Format

Pinterest also went through a change in format recently. We’re all well aware of the hands on aggressive approach any change in Facebook layout takes. So, perhaps the Pinterest layout change came too soon after the adoption of it as a site by people and in turn put them off using a site they still weren’t fully engaged in?

The Bubble 

Perhaps Pinterest is the start of the end of the boom for social media sites. We’ve seen all sorts of questions over the worth of sites such as Instagram and Facebook’s float. Maybe the social media bubble is about to deflate overall and Pinterest is just the beginning of the end of the hype.

We, know Pinterest, has dropped users, but we’d be surprised if things don’t level out and for it to grow again, just not with the spurt seen previously.