We’re all aware that this is the time of year for a bit of self improvement, though the pragmatic among us will be happy to change little and often. So, we have put together a list of suggested tech resolutions to try and light that candle of inspiration and make your procedures a little easier in 2012.

new_year_tech_resolution Your 2012 Tech Resolutions


Many of us miss out on responding to a large percentage of our emails and then respond to others with single or even double word answers, not putting these replies in any context. This, of course confuses the recipient, who see these ‘yeah, no’s, of courses’ and ‘what’s?’ As misunderstood communication that they just can’t comprehend as your answering a question five messages previously. Stop the one word answers and put things in context in 2012 to ensure no more miscommunication.

Look Up

Most of us are connected to our social media in a similar manner to the critically unstable in the critical care unit of a hospital, only making real conversation when …….well maybe never! Prevent social media friend requests, Tweets and LinkedIn statuses taking over your life and look up for some real conversation in the ‘now’ once in a while and recall the once beautiful world of direct human interaction.


No matter how much fish oil we all take we can’t remember everything. Most of us have an attic full of gadgets and gizmos from the past with numerous precious memories on hold, just sitting there gathering dust in the archives. From the less enamoured items such as your Robson and Jerome Cassette, to pictures and 8mm videos of your children from the mid 80s, this is the year you should convert everything to the medium of digital. Invest in a couple of convertors. Set yourself a target to do a little, a few times a week and then just place them on your hard drive and wait until that’s obsolete and you have to upload it to something else in a decade’s time.


Facebook’s new Timeline is something we all have in the back of our mind as a necessity to fill in, yet how many of us have. Take a little bit more interest in Facebook if you’re a Twitter user who just reposts on it and tag friends, add some comments and look for those subscribers it may be worth it and it might even be a bit of fun to fill in the new social media timeline.

LinkedIn and Twitter

Try and grow both of these in the next 12 months by following on with more of the same as previously. This should mean more quality posts, more hard work and just more grit as there’s no fast way to build up a social media profile, you just have to get out there and do it.

Hopefully some of the above might have helped those who needed some inspiration. Happy New Year from all at My Social Agency.