Social media is a marketing method that has already been tapped into by millions of businesses worldwide. The huge opportunity for exposure and refined targeting makes social media not only a cost effective method of marketing, but also a smart one. If done correctly, social media marketing can have a drastic impact on the success of your business and work towards meeting your end goals and objectives.

This being said, many companies, especially B2C, have not yet grasped the correct way in which they should be interacting with their consumers. Whether it is finding the right tone of voice, or simply not creating engaging social posts, there is almost always room for improvement when it comes to a company’s social activity.

How-to-structure-social-posts-to-make-them-less-boring-1 How to Structure Social Posts to Maximise Clicks

The trick behind marketing yourself as a company is not to be reliant on what product or service you offer. You don’t need to sell the most exciting product to have a strong marketing strategy and social presence.

Take Tesco Mobile as an example, all they are is a Mobile network, yet their Twitter strategy is second to none! If you can turn your ‘boring product/service’ (to use the term loosely), into a brand that generates a huge amount of engagement and excites the customer, then you have definitely succeeded in your marketing efforts.

One aspect of your strategy to review is how exactly you are engaging your customer through your social posts. It isn’t enough to just formulate a regular posting strategy, you need to be thinking about how your audience will react, if at all. There isn’t one specific post structure that works for everyone, but the following guidelines will help you on your way:


  • Headline
  • Body of Text (max 3 sentences and can contain hashtag)
  • Call to Action
  • Link

facebook-example How to Structure Social Posts to Maximise Clicks


  • Headline (118 characters not including hashtag)
  • Hashtag
  • Call to Action
  • Link

twitter-example How to Structure Social Posts to Maximise Clicks

Google Plus

  • Headline or text
  • Link or CTA
  • Hashtag
  • Picture


  • google-plus-example How to Structure Social Posts to Maximise Clicks


  • Board
  • Description
  • Picture

pinterest-example How to Structure Social Posts to Maximise Clicks

Once you have the structure in place for all of your social media posts, you can then start to think more about the type of content within the post. Below I have listed four key points to consider when writing a social post:

Include Keywords in the Headline

Keywords, keywords, keywords. You have probably exhausted your brain reading about keywords, but they are genuinely important when trying to grab someone’s attention. If you are targeting consumers with a high interest in blue hats for example, then make sure something to do with blue hats is in the headline of the post.

Use Engaging Visuals

Visual posts are much more likely to provoke interest and maybe even a response from the reader, especially with informative posts that initially require a lot of text. Using visuals may largely improve your engagement levels, as the brain actually processes visual images 65,000X faster than plain copy. The current phase of ‘the scroller’ is upon us, and it is very likely that a chunk of your audience will scroll straight past your post. Therefore, if you can implement an eye-catching image to make them pause on the screen, you may be on to a winner!

Ask Questions

You may find that posting blunt statements doesn’t really get you that much engagement.  Unless you are posting something like an inspirational quote, or likewise an incredibly funny joke or credible fact, not many people will bother engaging. By asking a question, you are essentially provoking an instinctual reaction for the consumer to answer it. If it is done correctly, and targeted at an audience that have some kind of interest in it, then it will be likely to receive a few answers, especially if it makes them feel empowered for sharing their insights.

Let Your Hair Down

Last of all, be personable! By this I don’t mean completely take your foot off of the gas in terms of being professional, I just mean try your best not to be overly corporate, and quite frankly, boring! It all comes down to the research you have done on your target audience (which FYI is a must). Once you have developed the correct tone of voice and have an insight into what kind of content your audience can handle, be human about it! If they can take humour (which is a great tactic for engagement) then by all means use it.