successful-social-media-campaign Essential Tools for a Successful Social Media CampaignLess time juggling tabs, more engagement

There are so many options available now for social media marketing that it can become a difficult task keeping on top of the various accounts. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of essential tools to make your social campaign a little less painful to manage.

successful-social-media-campaign-1 Essential Tools for a Successful Social Media Campaign

If previous campaigns have been successful and you enjoy a high level of engagement already, then even better, but you’re still going to need some help with all of those comments.

So without further ado …


buffer Essential Tools for a Successful Social Media CampaignBuffer is a free tool which allows you to access your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard. As well as allowing you to curate content via the Buffer button, which is added to your social sharing windows, Buffer lets you schedule posts for simple maintenance of your updates.

Social Mention is a great free tool for searching when your business has been mentioned on any of the social networks, as well as Google News, Yahoo and so on. You have the option to let it search everything, or you can choose which platforms you want to check. Just input the search name, tick the relevant boxes and Social Mention will search “the universe” to see where you’re mentioned.

The results which are returned are comprehensive and include keywords, whether or not the search term has been mentioned in a positive or negative light, sources, hashtags, top users and more. This nifty tool is perfect for managing comments and posts and will cut the time you spend looking for replies by much more than half. Searches can also be saved and delivered via RSS feed for additional convenience.

Curation is a fast and easy way to curate content such as images, blogs and articles for you to share on your social media accounts. Following a quick browser installation, it’s a simple matter to scoop the content you like and save URLs. can also be integrated with HootSuite (which I haven’t listed, it being so popular already) for added convenience.

As mentioned before, you can also use Buffer to curate content and there are also other solutions out there, but these are the most popular at the moment.


All of this is all very well, but without knowing what reaction you’re getting from your followers and their demographics, you can’t fine-tune your campaign in order to further give your fans what they want.

Of course, Facebook has its own, built-in analytics in the form of Insights, but this is unusual to Facebook and doesn’t help with your other accounts. You also have the option of using Google Analytics to view traffic sources and the Social Reporter function gives you an overview of your marketing progress on social media.

Google Social Reporter gives you a simple visual report, so that you can track the busiest times on your account, as well the kind of content that’s most popular with your fans.

Klout is another free social marketing tool which gives you influencer scores based on your social media activity and interactions. It flags up how and where you can improve your campaign and shows which social activities are strengthening your brand.

understand-klout-for-a-successful-social-media-campaign Essential Tools for a Successful Social Media Campaign

With Klout you can measure your activity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+ etc. to further improve your score, which tells you how influential you are about certain subjects you choose. This is then presented to you as a score out of 100, which tells you just how much you’re seen to know your subject.

Baraka Obama has a Klout score of 99 – he’s almost 100% influential!

Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list of tools to help you manage and fine-tune your social media marketing campaign, it’s a very good starting point and will give you more time and power to properly engage with your audience, as well as pin down exactly who they are and what they want.

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