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Alex Humphries

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The Changes to Facebook Pixel

You’ve probably seen a fair bit about the latest Facebook news. From October 24th of this year, the Facebook Pixel will change. This change sees a first-party cookie option become available, meaning that advertisers around the world will be able to continue to access data from Apple’s ...

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Alex Humphries 18 Oct, 18

Seven reasons why your social media activity is falling flat

If used properly, social media can be a wonderful tool. You can use it to engage with customers past, present and future, use it to increase awareness of your brand, or even generate sales or leads for your business.  But many businesses find themselves in a position where they have socia...

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Alex Humphries 08 Oct, 18

How to effectively use Instagram stories to drive sales

Instagram Stories are undoubtedly popular with Instagram’s audience. If they weren’t then Instagram wouldn’t have launched the ‘beefed up’ version, IGTV a couple of months ago. With this in mind, there’s clearly an opportunity for brands to capitalise on the popularity of s...

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Alex Humphries 01 Oct, 18

The importance of imagery on social media.

A social media post without relevant’s like apple crumble without custard, like a 99 without a flake, like football without a cup final, or like My Social Agency without our unique agile approach to marketing campaigns. Adding imagery makes a post unquestionably better. ...

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Alex Humphries 25 Sep, 18

Running competitions on social media – the do’s and don’ts.

Having recently seen a couple of posts on LinkedIn where people have expressed their confusion over what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to running competitions on social media, I thought it would be useful to provide a “Do’s and Don’ts” guide.   Of course, competit...

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Alex Humphries 21 Sep, 18

Social Influencer Fraud: Its rise, how to spot it, and how to stop it

Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels, with 32% of marketers surveyed last year by Marketing Dive and Bloglovin saying that influencer marketing was essential to their strategy. 63% of those surveyed also said that they had increased their budget for influen...

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Alex Humphries 14 Aug, 18

How to Find out Which Social Media Platform Your Audience Is Using

Your audience is on social media.  We’re pretty certain of that.   What we don’t yet know is where they are on social media. What platform, or platforms, are they using? Which do they engage on the most? On which are they likely to interact with your brand? That’s wh...

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Alex Humphries 07 Aug, 18