Annoying-Facebook-Posts 10 Annoying Facebook Posts that Clog your TimelineDo you ever feel that your newsfeed is like a clogged up Saturday morning market on a wet November day – busy, noisy, full of complainers and in a word miserable. It’s not great and it can significantly impact on the amount of joy you get from social. After all, in between the marketing and business chat, social media’s meant to be fun too.

Anyhow, see if you can put a name to a post and take a look at our list of people and their post types that annoy you on Facebook.

 10 Annoying Facebook Posts that Clog your Timeline

Excessive Posting

Even though EdgeRank likes to think it can order your posts in terms of affinity, relevancy, timeliness and the like – it’s no competition for the serial poster. They inform you of when they’re having a bath, making a cup of tea and how hard it was to choose between two colours of eraser in Staples. Nobody cares!

Annoying-Facebook-Status 10 Annoying Facebook Posts that Clog your Timeline

Too Much Information

Sometimes one truly informative post can have the same effect as one hundred of the aforementioned excessive posts. Birth planning and updates that involve people thinking of you without two-thirds of your body covered should not be posted on Facebook.

Food Posts

Yes, we love food and on Sunday’s food photography. Remember you are not Mario Testino and we are not able to eat the images you are posting. So, we don’t care what you’re eating, so don’t post them.

Facebook Shrink

Facebook and I are not Psychologists and even if we were vague snippets about your personal life don’t interest us. Just send a text message to the person if you’re angry and stop clogging up our newsfeed. Posting passive aggressive statuses on Facebook is a boy who cried wolf scenario. We warn you it’s a lot harder to be passive aggressive on Instagram.

Song Lyrics

Placing random song lyrics on a Facebook post is seldom appreciated by anyone else. This is particularly the case if falls into the passive aggressive category.

Foursquare we don’t Care

This rhyming ditty is in reference to the person who checks into everything from their own home to each pub on a crawl. Put the phone down and have a drink we say.

Shirtless Images

Great you did some sit ups – thanks for that! Duck faces and triangular arms in selfies also fall into this category.

Good Luck for 25 Years Posts

‘If you post this you and your cat will have great luck for 25 years and angels will come and circle around you , while you’ll walk on butterflies at every step’. This will not happen by liking and sharing a post on Facebook. This is some weird dogmatic form of cyber superstition- Facebook is not a virtual witch doctor.

Hashtag Spamming

Two #hashtags is enough – please #don’t #post #dozens on a single #post. Twitter syncing can also often cause this #fail. So, don’t.

The Kanye

This possibly falls into the realm of a number of the previous tips. The Kanye is an incredibly foul mouthed rant caused by excessive ego and a lack of humour, self-awareness and ability to laugh at one’s self. It doesn’t necessarily always have to be at Jimmy Kimmel and probably a bad idea if it is – he’s quite funny.

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