outreach-tools The Best Blogger Outreach ToolsAs we’ve discussed previously, one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal right now is guest blogging to help drive traffic and increase engagement. Bearing this in mind, I’ve put together some of the best resources and outreach tools to be found online.

First up, let’s start with a relatively new UK outreach tool, bloggabase, an online database of opted-in bloggers for marketers to research and contact. Launched in March, you can sign up for a free trial to test out one of the four different subscription packages that are available.

 The Best Blogger Outreach Tools

Now with just over 3000 bloggers signed up to the service, marketers can contact and pitch bloggers in order to gain targeted outreach opportunities.

Co-founder of bloggabase.com, Rich Leigh said:

“Passing 3,000 blogs proves that bloggers are interested in hearing from brands and marketers in a relevant and targeted way, rather than the throw-enough-and-some-will-stick approach many time-strapped marketers have resorted to in the past.”

It’s a decent resource for contacting bloggers who are interested in receiving pitches from marketers and can save a lot of time when it comes to which blogs to choose. All bloggers on the site have listed their areas of expertise, so it’s a simple matter to find one in your niche.


Whilst the idea above is UK-based, you can find bloggers from all over the world with Blogdash. Like the above, Blogdash is essentially a database of bloggers who have expressed an interest in getting guest blogs on certain niches.

Further to this, brands can connect with the blogger to reach the right ones for their campaigns. There are more than 100K bloggers on the database, each of them with a full profile, which includes twitter stats, bios, publications they have written for and much more.

Blogdash is free to use for bloggers, but brands and marketing agencies will have to subscribe. The beauty of the site is the richness of information that it provides on each blogger, doing away with the need for lengthy research, which can still be common with other, lesser outreach tools.

blogger-outreach-tools-cat-links The Best Blogger Outreach Tools

MozBar from SEOMoz

MozBar is, as the name suggests, a SEO toolbar for Chrome and Firefox which delivers helpful metrics on the sites you research for outreach. There are a great number of features included in the bar, including Domain Authority, Page Authority, nofollow highlighting and links back to the immense, Moz owned ‘ Open Site Explorer’.

The Firefox version also allows you to export SERPs into a spreadsheet so that you have a list at your disposal later on. This is not strictly an outreach tool, but it’s vital to to see metrics at a glance and determine the quality of the site you are looking to place content on.

There is also an option to analyse pages with an overlay, so you can quickly see a number of stats to do with links, keywords and more.

Buzzstream – Outreach Tools

This was created to take the ‘time-sucking’ aspect of outreach away, or at least keep it to a minimum. For link building there are a number of useful features, such as the email research tool, which helps to build search queries to find the contact details of the bloggers you want to connect with.

Another great tool included in Buzzstream is the ability to extract descriptive text from any URL, so that you can get a good overview of the site’s content. You can also build blogger lists from blogrolls, export domain information into a CSV and much more.

These days, outreach is an important integral part of every online marketing campaign, or at least it really should be. It’s important not to adopt the “spray and pray” approach, where you just send out hundreds of generic pitches, this is unlikely to get you anywhere.

Instead, do the research and ensure that you’re building relationships with influencers in your niche, keeping context in mind at all times. With these outreach tools, your job can be made a little easier as more often than not, they are all about cutting down the time involved with outreach.

If you can build up a great list of sites and bloggers that have good social reach, DA and PA, especially if you know in advance that they are looking for guest bloggers or would be willing to write about your product and service.

Did I miss one of your favorite outreach tools? There really are so many, so please let me know in the comments, if I did.

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