chrome-web-store-thumb The Best Google Chrome Apps for Boosting EfficiencyGoogle’s awesome Chrome extensions make life a lot easier and though there are thousands, here are the ones we feel are the cream of the crop and use daily. Our list of the best Google Chrome apps.

Google’s Own – Best Google Chrome Apps

Google is renowned for the variety of extensions it provides for its own services and there are plenty of winners. Of course, though there are plenty of third party add-ons that really add to productivity, Google’s are among the best, showing the best way to lead, is from the front.

chrome-web-store-thumb-1 The Best Google Chrome Apps for Boosting Efficiency

Chrome to Phone – Android smart users can use this extension to send data directly from their desktop browser to smartphone. It’s a fine example of how Google is constantly bringing all its devices together and also a very useful app.

Google Translate – translate a webpage from one language into another – obvious but essential and without a doubt one of the best Google Chrome apps.

Google Search by Image – this is a very cool extension and allows you to search the web via image.

Google Dictionary – add this extension and then just hover over a word to get the meaning.

chrome-web-store The Best Google Chrome Apps for Boosting Efficiency

Emails and Browsing – Best Google Chrome Apps

Boomerang – Want to send an email at a later time or date, then Boomerang can be a great help as it schedules correspondence. It also offers the option to save template responses and track the status of emails after sending.

Remind Me – Are you forever forgetting important dates, meetings and goings on? Remind Me provides you with a cross computer synced list of reminders to ensure you do follow up those tasks and do what needs to be done. It’s a necessity for anyone with a sieve for a head.

Readability Redux – The new version of this application has made it into our list of best Google Chrome apps as it allows you to clear certain parts of a page and keep others, something that greatly aids readability. It’s a great way to reduce the clutter and the muddle on the page and can make online reading a lot more pleasant.

WOT – the web relies on the power of community and WOT is a security add on that identifies the security risk of a page or website and offers you a rating in your SERPs. It’s a detailed, yet simple addition that can make your experience a lot more enjoyable and safer.

Social Media – Best Google Chrome Apps

Shareaholic – This extension has compatibility with over 250 websites this extension offers you a one click shop for sharing. It’s clear and easy to use and reduces the clutter on the top of the browser bar. It even allows you to sync with other computers and no registration is required.

Stylish – Google Chrome is quite a minimalist and simple design and though this is very functional an injection of colour is always a good thing. Stylish allows you to add a bit of brightness and tailor your browser to your own preferences. It also allows users to add themes to YouTube, Twitter and other similar sites.

These extensions and many more can add to your web browsing experience and also your work. We use the above on a daily basis but what extensions do you consider the best Google Chrome apps?

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