youtube-geek-week The Best of YouTube’s Geek WeekAfter years on the fringes of cool, geeks are finally in. It doesn’t even matter what kind of geek you are; the tech wiz, bookish type or science aficionado. At the Teen Choice Awards this week, Ashton Kutcher, who is known first and foremost as a pretty face but will soon challenge that perception with his on-screen portrayal of Steve Jobs, delivered a crowd-pleasing speech on how “smart is sexy”. This revolution has been a long time brewing; reality shows like Start-Ups: Silicon Valley have recently tried to bring a soapy gloss to the world of online entrepreneurs, while science fiction and fantasy fare such as Heroes, Lost, Doctor Who and Game Of Thrones have struck a chord with mainstream audiences. And let’s not forget that comic books have been driving Hollywood profits for over a decade.

All forms of geekery were celebrated last week, when, from the 4th to the 10th of August, YouTube’s Geek Week showcased just how much we all love to embrace our inner dork. Below are just a few nerdy highlights.

Knightmare Returns

 The Best of YouTube’s Geek Week

Anybody who was a child during the early 90s will have been excited by the resurrection of classic TV show Knightmare. This full length special episode was filmed in the same Norwich studios as the original series, with the same cast and crew, and featured everything fans loved, from dodgy medieval costumes to even dodgier computer generated effects. And Dobby from Peep Show as a castle intern/wench, because why not.

Star Wars Filibuster

Comedian Patton Oswalt recently guest-starred on the cult political sitcom Parks & Recreation as a citizen who stages a filibuster to block a city council vote. The Nerdist Channel took Oswalt’s narration (a pitch for the imminent Star Wars sequel) and provided animation to accompany his rambling, inarticulate, and exceptionally entertaining monologue, which successfully skewers the shameless hyperbole, teasers and secret endings of pretty much every modern film franchise.


What if superheroes were as clumsy and socially inept as the rest of us? Well, that is a question we no longer need ask ourselves, thanks to Freddie W, whose action hero finds an innovative, high tech way to get out of awkward social situations.

Free Runner’s Epic Fall at the British Museum with Head Squeeze

The parkour channel Flow teamed up with science channel Head Squeeze to not only bring viewers a daredevil stunt, but also a lesson in the physics behind it. Free runner Blue Joseph jumped ten metres (the same height as an Olympic dive) into a ball pit, gaining speeds of up to 34 miles per hour. While the stunt itself seems a little underwhelming at first, actually unpacking and understanding the science of the stunt makes it a good deal more impressive.

I Can’t Even

YouTube favourite Chris Kendall hosted a special edition of his panel show for “Fan Friday”, celebrating the fierce fandoms of Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and many more. The result was an anarchic twenty minutes, as if a bunch of hyperactive sixth formers had staged their own energetic, extremely low-budget, sci-fi themed version of Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

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