productivity-apps The Five Best Productivity Apps for iPhoneProductivity apps have enjoyed quite the boom of late, with more and more people running their lives from a smartphone or tablet device. Traditional desktops are so last decade; it’s all about the touchscreen. Which is why Bret Taylor, former Chief Technology Officer at Facebook, and ex-Googler Kevin Gibbs, have co-founded Quip, a start-up dedicated to creating modern productivity apps that are complimentary to the touchscreen experience.

They have just launched their first iPhone and iPad app, also named Quip, which functions as a word processing tool with native chat features that enable different users to collaborate on a document. The free version allows up to six users to work together, while the premium edition includes a range of enterprise features and has the capacity for up to 250 people working simultaneously. Taylor and Gibbs say; “we are starting with the word processor, but our mission is to eventually build the productivity suite for the mobile era.”

In the meantime, here are five other nifty iPhone apps that will help you get the most out of your time.


Managing your social media presence can be a time consuming activity, especially if you want to build a following over a number of platforms. You can use Buffer to compose updates and posts, then queue them to be released at scheduled times. A whole week of social content can be prepared in less than an hour on Monday morning (although it is worth noting that real time engagement is still an important part of any social strategy).buffer The Five Best Productivity Apps for iPhone


Due to recent difficulties with both my laptop and my iPhone, I have become a huge advocate of backing up your work. Dropbox is an app for storing, syncing and sharing files across devices, so you always have access to the most up to date version of your work. Dropbox supports Apple, Android and Microsoft devices, making collaboration easier.

Focus Time

Inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, which recommends working in 25 minute bursts, with short and regular breaks, Focus Time minimises distractions by grouping your to-do list into “batches” of similar tasks, meaning in theory you can speed through more work in your 25 minute slots.focus-time The Five Best Productivity Apps for iPhone


What is it? A calendar app that supports calendars from Exchange, Yahoo, Gmail and Facebook. What makes it so cool? Tempo’s artificial intelligence means it knows if you’re running late, and will prepare a message for you to send to the people you are meeting, alerting them of the fact.

Morning / Foresee

These are two separate apps, both of which are incredibly handy for organising your daily schedule. Morning provides users with all of the information they need at the start of their day, from appointment reminders to news and weather reports. Foresee goes one step further and actually organises your to-do list for you, based on weather forecasts, ensuring you won’t be caught outdoors in the rain.foresee The Five Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

Those were just a few of the best day-to-day apps that can help you boost your productivity. Which are your favourites? Recommendations in the comments below.