facebook-2013 Three 2013 Facebook Findings and How to Benefit from Them

Facebook is quite sphinx like in a lot of ways. Unlike search engines, where there’s a myriad of ways to see what works and what doesn’t and relatively decent analytic feedback, Facebook tends to be a little sparser and it’s often hard to know what’s successful.

 Three 2013 Facebook Findings and How to Benefit from Them

Recently, however there’s been a whole host of attention, work and research done around the platform and it gives us a greater insight than ever into what’s working for or for that matter not working for business.

Paid Adverts

According to Shopigniter’s recent Social Rich Media Benchmark Report paid ads is a fantastic way to improve the amount of reach a post gets and also push it more likely into the boundary of becoming viral. However, there’s a downside, it tends to lower the incidence of clicks through. The only post type that’s the exception to the rule here is the humble status updates – unpaid status update’s reach is far higher than the monetary kind.

How to Benefit

Paid ads are a great way to increase reach and impressions but not so much engagement. However, for companies looking to increase awareness of their business and increase customer numbers they can work very well. However, using them to encourage people to click through to landing pages and sign up to email subscriptions is far less likely and organic reach is far more successful.

The Dislike Button

Facebook doesn’t have a dislike button, but it does have a hide option. If users hide your content from their newsfeed or unlike it, it tends to hurt conversions. The irony here is that the more paid posts you use the more likely this is to happen.

According to Shopigniter this happens for almost all post types (aside from links) – something to beware of when choosing the paid option. It seems however that according to the research, asking questions is the least harmful option as they either receive responses or are merely ignored and receive little or no negative feedback. Notes and video tend to receive a lot of negative feedback, while images that don’t suit your audience can also work against you.

How to Benefit

Ideally, mix and match all sorts of posts across the paid and unpaid arena, after all the only thing that can tell you what works specifically for you are your Page Insights.

Highest Click Through Rate

The Highest CTR according to the The Facebook Ads Benchmark Report (Salesforce) is the Sponsored Check-In Stories. These have an average CTR of over 3.2%.

Sponsored Check-In Stories are adverts shown to a person after they checked in somewhere previously. There is a high reach here as fans that check in tend to appear in friend’s Newsfeeds as checked in in that particular place and these friends of fans are curious enough the click through to the location.

How to Benefit

Businesses that pay to highlight check-ins and increase your local fan base – be aware this is not cheap. However, it does tend to significantly increase engagement and the amount of notice you get from the action.

Of course, these statistics and this information aren’t fool-proof as there are some exceptions. So, use this information in conjunction with your page data to make informed decisions for the best results.