One thing’s for certain in social media, each and every year there’s going to be a successful new kid on the block. In 2013 we saw the rise of Vine and explosion of Instagram and 2012 saw Pinterest come to the fore.

There’s more competition than ever in 2014 with the emergence of a number of sites on the cusp of greatness. So, let’s take a look at the social media sites that deserve your attention and could make it big in the next 12 months.

social-media-sites-to-watch-for-2014-1 Our Top 5 New Social Media Site Prospects for 2014


This one’s an interesting prospect. Mobli is somewhat similar to Instagram, though calls itself a visual search engine that allows users to ‘see the world through other people’s eyes’. It’s got backing from a number of celebrities including Leonardo Di Caprio and Serena Williams and looks quite exciting.

For instance one of its features allows you to search for an image. The result of the search is the three latest images on that search that have been added to the gallery. Users can also connect around interests, hashtags, locations and other variables and it’s got a supped up Instagram vibe to it. It’s certainly, one to watch.


Path moves away from the social media numbers game and touts itself as the high quality engagement private social media network. Even though the site started out as a typical effort, it’s pushed itself for a quality over quantity approach. For example it calls its posts, ‘moments’ and pushes close ties and quality connections over mass Liking and Retweets.


Another interesting, small site that offers users a lot more control over the way they run their pages. It’s a group-centric site that works well for small numbers. There’s integration from all the other major sites, though it gives the user a lot of control over privacy controls – something a lot of people may like if it’s easy to set up.


Another more diminutive site that has a more defined community space, Nextdoor is the local social media site. It’s a bit like having your village or town on its own social media site – that could be bad thing, but fortunately there’s no real friends or followers issue.

The site focuses more on recommendations, tips, guides, news and local information. Essentially it’s a sort of a local noticeboard crossed with a social media platform. It’s also been backed by both Amazon and Google, so it’s got plenty of push behind it. With the increasing use of So-Lo-Mo there’s plenty of potential.

Shots of Me

The selfie has made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary, so it’s surprising that a site like this doesn’t already exist already. Shots of Me is a social media site that utilises the front camera of a phone to take images that can be shared on what seems on the outset to be a form of narcissistic social media. It’s part backed by Justin Bieber though so it mightn’t be like that at all.

From big to small, global to local – these are the social media sites that we feel could make it big this coming year. Did we miss your favourite prospect? Let us know via the comments.