twitter-tips-for-viral-tweets21 9 Twitter Tips to Help your Tweets go ViralIt is all well and good having a presence on Twitter, however if you want to take things to the next level then you will need to fine tune your presence. Twitter engagement is so important and predicted to be even more-so in the future for a variety of reasons. So, here are some Twitter tips to help your Tweets go viral.

twitter-tips-for-viral-tweets21-1 9 Twitter Tips to Help your Tweets go Viral


We bang on about the importance of having an image, but many people still use the stock egg image. Have a good candid picture of yourself to create a personal feel.


Your bio is also very important and having certain words in there can help tell people why they need to follow you. Certain words encourage more followers than others – for instance words such as ‘official’, ‘you’ and ‘please’ tend to help people achieve above average followers.


Tweets that come with interesting and engaging links are far more likely to see you retweeted than mentions. People are far more inclined to click on links on Twitter and there is a definite correlation between links in Tweets and a high follower number. Reports also suggest that the link should be around 25% of the way into the tweet to maximise clicks and retweets.


The more you talk about yourself in a tweet and use words such as ‘me’ and ‘I’, the less inclined people will be to retweet your tweet. Make tweets about your followers and you should see a rise in tweets.

Don’t Worry; Be Happy

Tweets with a negative sentiment or that have a downtrodden overall tone will tend to see you with a higher unfollow rate than happy, upbeat tweets. So, be positive to ensure people follow you.

Longer Tweets

Research also shows that if the tweet is longer, it will be more inclined to get more clicks than shorter tweets. Also, leave around 10 or so spaces at the end free for easier follower retweeting.

twitter-tips-for-viral-tweets3 9 Twitter Tips to Help your Tweets go Viral

Time is everything

Tweeting during the day is generally a better time to tweet than in the morning. People also tend to react better between Thursday and Sunday according to statistics. Friday afternoon is the most popular for retweets, though this could be down to #FF as well as the feel good factor of the weekend.


If you’re retweeting a blog post or content – a great headline is far more inclined to see you retweeted than a run of the mill one. Also adding words such as ‘please retweet’ will see a significant chance of people pinging your tweet forward.


If you have a knack for adding a twist or a little humour to a situation or news story you will certainly be able to increase the number of retweets. People love a little twist or unique take – so think hard before tweeting.

These little tips will help you hone your tweets and increase the chances of them going viral – remember that it’s the little things that make the difference.

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