As you may have seen already, Twitter is rolling out a whole new profile design to users. They made the announcement on their blog, but the change hasn’t been met with too much enthusiasm yet.

If you are yet to see the new design, then check out the profiles of First Lady Michelle Obama, or those of actors Zac Efron and Channing Tatum:

Twitter-new-design-1 How to Use the New Twitter Design for Your Business

Zac-Efron How to Use the New Twitter Design for Your Business

So what’s new with the layout? Are there any new features? And most importantly, how can your business make the most of the new design?

Cover Photo

Gone is the small header of the old design, in its place is a cover photo that is 1500 x 1500 pixels – the first thing to closely replicate the look of Facebook and Google Plus. No longer is the cover photo sat right behind the profile picture – often ruining the header on the old design – but now it is right at the top of your profile.

Just like the cover photos on Facebook, this feature gives businesses the opportunity to capture an audience and generate leads by using the cover photo creatively.

The cover photo could promote a recently launched or soon to be launched product or service, it could focus on any deals and discounts your business currently has or it could simply include a couple of CTAs and links to encourage users to visit your site.

There are of course some pre-made cover photos that Twitter offers you to use, but it is a much better idea to create your own and use it to your advantage where you can.

Twitter-cover-photo How to Use the New Twitter Design for Your Business

Best Tweets

As well as visually changing the profile design, Twitter has also added in some new features, one of them being the ability to showcase your “Best Tweets”. The tweets that have seen the highest engagement levels such as retweets or replies will stand out larger than the rest of your tweets.

This isn’t going to be something you can customise, as Twitter uses an algorithm to judge which tweets are the “best”, but it does mean from a business point of view that when a user looks down your timeline, the popular topics surrounding your brand will stand out and it will most likely encourage them to engage with the tweet too.

If you create an engaging Twitter campaign that helps to build a relationship with your followers, the new features will reward you by boosting your high levels of engagement and helping you to build up an audience.

Best-tweet How to Use the New Twitter Design for Your Business

Pinned Tweets

Here’s something you will be able to customise yourself – pinned tweets. Again, like with Facebook, if you think a tweet is of particular importance to your business and followers, you can pin it to the top of your profile so everyone can see it.

This can be used by businesses in a number of ways. If you are holding a competition then while it is running you can pin the competition details to the top of your profile.

If you have a deal or promotion running then it can also be highlighted at the top of your page. If you are holding an event, or have been endorsed by someone famous, these will work well too. The list is endless.

Pinned-Tweet How to Use the New Twitter Design for Your Business

Visual Content

Instead of the endless stream of text that was once gracing our screens, the new design allows for a more visually pleasing Twitter feed to capture the attention of your audience.

Visual content is becoming more popular than ever recently, as it is revealed that images and videos are the first things to be noticed on a page, therefore drawing a user’s attention straight to them.

Using the new tweet filters at the top of the page, users can now filter what they see on their stream by “tweets”, “photos and videos” and “tweets and replies”, so you need to make sure the images you use in your tweets will stand out from the crowd and generate engagement.

Filtered-Tweets How to Use the New Twitter Design for Your Business

While the new design is still yet to be rolled out to everyone, it is worth thinking about how you can use it to your best advantage when it finally does take over your profile in the next few weeks.