Videos are now increasingly important when it comes to consumer purchase decisions. A new study from Animoto found that around three-quarters of consumers are more likely to actually purchase a product if they have seen a video of the product in action first.

The results of this study seem logical, as videos are a fantastic visual tool for displaying a large amount of information in an easy and efficient manner, meaning they can be very persuasive.

Video-1 How to Use Videos to Increase Conversions

Another great thing about videos is that they can greatly increase the time a potential consumer spends on your site. If you feature the faces of you or your team in the video itself, consumers are more likely to trust you too.

Not only do videos help to rank higher in the SERPS, but they also give you a much stronger web presence. So how can you use videos to increase conversions?

Show off Your Product

When people are looking to purchase a product or service, just showing them a picture or chunk of text won’t really cut it. If you were selling a sports car, just posting a picture and quick description of it is less likely to sell the car, than a detailed video showing the car in action with all its specifications.

Showing a product video will give consumers a better idea of exactly what the product will look and act like when they have bought it. It will show them how to use it and how it can benefit them, and it may also alleviate any potential concerns they may have had that could have put them off buying it.

This is a great example from Evernote that shows its product in use:

Instructional Videos

These are great if you have a complicated product that might need a lot of instructions as to how to install it, like a computer or piece of software. If your consumers know you have a selection of helpful videos all ready to help them out with any guidance they may need, this will instantly install trust in their purchasing decision.

If you provide a service, then there is no harm in creating videos around that service that might actually help consumers do bits and bobs themselves. If you are a mechanic, why not produce a video showing people how to change a tyre, they will be grateful for the help and still come to you for bigger needs such as an MOT.

Humorous Videos

These types of videos can actually cover both product videos and instructional videos, but humour is always a winner. If you don’t have a product or service that will definitely capture consumer attention, then you can be sure a funny video will.

Once you have created funny videos that are worth watching, they will be effortlessly shared across the web. The dollar shave club managed to make their not-so-exciting product of cheap razors funny by creating a humorous video featuring their CEO:

Testimonial Videos

Reviews are powerful, but just a snippet of text could be written by anyone. People trust other people, so by being able to view these other people giving their reviews and put a face to the name, they are more likely to believe them. Social proof is very powerful when it comes to product reviews.

Justin Nassiri from VideoGenie found that the average video testimonial gets watched for about 100 seconds, meaning that visitors have already spent over a minute on your site and have watched a positive review of your product or service.

Aftercare Videos

Using videos is great to try and help sell your product or service, but what about after the consumer has made the purchase? Aftercare videos are a great added extra that can be emailed over to the consumer and shown on your site.

After buying a product or service, consumers often have a few questions about the product or service itself, or even what the returns policy is. Aftercare videos can help to provide a troubleshooting guide too incase the consumer needs help with how to actually use the product of service.

Here is a good example of an aftercare video by Simply Scuba:

Homesware retailer Stacks and Stacks found a 144% increase in purchases from visitors who watched a product video first, so what are you waiting for?

It doesn’t just have to be about having a high budget, the key is to inject your personality into the videos and show the visitors that you care and are there if they need you. Building trust is important and videos provide a great platform for transparency.