I have to admit that I have always been a big fan of Hootsuite and have never really used Buffer that much in the past, but recently I started using the app and have been hooked ever since.

Buffer had over 1 million users back in September 2013 and over 2 years later it has grown exponentially. The app comes in incredibly handy for anyone looking to schedule tweets and manage multiple social media accounts, but that’s not where it ends.

Buffer-feature-image5-1 How Using Buffer Could Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

For those social media marketers out there who are yet to experience Buffer, here are some great reasons to get involved:

Integrates with Feedly

buffer-feedly How Using Buffer Could Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

RSS feeds are a great way to keep up with content relevant to you and your industry. Feedly is designed to aggregate content in one easily digestible place, with an app available on iOS, Android and web.

Feedly can now be integrated with Buffer, meaning any article you read that is of interest to you can be quickly and efficiently added to your Buffer queue. The web version of Feedly comes with a Buffer button that looks just like the extension but appears on individual articles.

Once you have found an article you want to queue up on Buffer, you just need to highlight the text you want to appear in your tweet or Facebook post and it will be automatically added when you hit the Buffer button

Custom Schedules

Buffer-custom-scheduling How Using Buffer Could Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Your Buffer account allows you to set a schedule from which it will follow when you queue content. Using a tool such as SocialBro, you can generate a ‘best time to tweet’ report, which can then be exported straight into your Buffer account.

This schedule is fantastic, as you know your content will be getting the best exposure throughout the day and will be seen by your target audience. There are however times when your content needs to be time-sensitive and needs to be scheduled for a certain time and date.

The easiest way to do this is to schedule your content using the Buffer browser extension and clicking on the clock symbol to choose a specific date and time to send the post. This can be done through a browser or by using your mobile phone.

Schedule Retweets

buffer-retweet How Using Buffer Could Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Retweeting is a huge part of Twitter. If you see someone tweet something that interests you or you find a piece of content you would also like to share, all you have to do is retweet it. The only problem can come if you have just sent out a set of tweets or scheduled a queue of posts, as you don’t want to then start spamming your followers with retweets too.

Luckily Buffer allows you to schedule your retweets too, so you can spread them out and add them to your Buffer queue. By queuing up retweets alongside your own tweets, you will add variety to your social networks and as a business look less self-promotional.

You can schedule your retweets straight from your Twitter browser, or you can use the Buffer extension to open the composer box. Either way, there has never been an easier way to queue up retweetable content.

Post Images

buffer-images How Using Buffer Could Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

It has been proven that content including images is easier to process and is more eye-catching for readers – this is also applicable to your social media content. You no longer have to worry about saving and uploading images onto your social accounts; you can simply right click on the image and click “Buffer This Image”. 

Once you have your image ready to go, you can add some text and a link, and it will post onto your social media platforms as a full size image. This is great for making sure your posts stand out and will mean your audience are more likely to click through to your link or share your content. 


buffer-analytics How Using Buffer Could Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Carrying out your social media strategy is one thing, but it is important that you measure and evaluate your results on a regular basis. Buffer’s analytics show you which of your posts are performing the best and compare your different blog post titles to find out which one is the best option.

Their analytics section was recently updated, meaning you can now get detailed information about clicks, retweets, mentions and more, completely free. The analytics will update in real time and can be easily accessed via a tab on the top right of your screen.

It’s important to know how successful your social posts are and what levels of engagement they receive. This is displayed in a clear and concise manner and all found in one place in the Buffer app.