blogger-outreach-with-social-media Using Social Media for Blogger OutreachThere are plenty of tools out there to help you find blogs to post on and get those valuable high profile backlinks. However, in a lot of cases you’re just going to have to use your charm, eloquence and company’s profile to garner interest.

Flattery is Easier when it’s Brief

One of the problems with outreach emails is that in a lot of cases they can seem a little overt. Those working in link building can be quite a touchy bunch and blatantly flattery can come across as ingenious and see a negative response.

blogger-outreach-with-social-media-1 Using Social Media for Blogger Outreach

Twitter is more subtle, briefer and better for those looking to forge relationships. Get to know the person. Then place yourself in their line of sight by using retweets, Follow Fridays and other little interactions. This will ensure that you don’t come across as a phoney and can gently build up to the request.

Using Twitter Search for Blogger Outreach

Twitter can be a wonderful tool for blogger link up and searching for requests for content can be a golden way to get great opportunities. Use searches with the apt hashtags can get you the best opportunities. Try #journorequest and industry relevant keywords to release potential guest posts.

Alternatively, advanced searches with terms like ’guest post + a keyword’ can also show up posts you could potentially use, or show other people’s posts that were accepted on blogs in your niche. You can then get in contact and pitch an idea or two.

Show your Worth

When you pitch to someone you often do so via email and in most cases the potential poster will do some research. Unlike email, social allows you to connect in a more human way – just make sure your profiles speak volumes about you. For instance, make sure the profile is a photo of you and not merely a logo.

Also, make sure there’s quality content on there that shows you as an involved industry thinker, who participates, offers ideas and is of value. After all, it’s a good way of showing your worth and what they can expect from a blog.

In addition, the more followers you have on social media sites, the more likes and shares the outreach blog will get and these social signals can be an influencing factor in them accepting your blog.

blogger-outreach Using Social Media for Blogger Outreach


One of the great things about LinkedIn is that it allows you to see relationships with others. Take for instance the common scenario, where you don’t know a person, but your colleague may be linked to them via a first or second connection. Why not get that person to introduce you to them? It takes to coldness out of the initial contact and should increase the chance of them accepting your offer and you getting place on their blog.

Social media provides a fantastic way to aid your blogger outreach efforts and in many ways is far superior to cold emails. It allows you to build a base, offer some context about you and your business and can also lure people into allowing those valuable posts.

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