It’s October. October!

Can’t believe it. I’ve had to turn on the heating in the office, and in between paragraphs I’m rubbing my hands to warm up my typing fingers. However, after reading through all the exciting new updates that some of our favourite networks have delivered this week, the gesture does in fact have double meaning.

news-1511502_640 VIPs, Conversions and Canvas Ads: Your digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

We’ve got new features for Facebook’s Canvas ads, a VIP program from Periscope, and new conversion objectives from Twitter. All in all, some rather meaty updates that have got me rubbing my hands together in scheming anticipation for some new strategies ahead… let’s take a look.

New Features for Facebook Canvas Ads

Have you made a start with Facebook Canvas ads yet? They’re a relatively new feature (launched in February), that bring a full-screen, interactive ad experience for mobile users.

Here’s an example from American Express so you know exactly what we’re talking about here:

You can see how cool and interactive Canvas ads are, but if you haven’t got to grips with them yet, then not to worry, just so long as you start now – and indeed you couldn’t have picked a better time to do so.

According to the Facebook Business blog, “over 150 years have been spent viewing content in Canvas on Facebook”, and that’s just in the past 8 months. So, yes – Facebook Canvas is a big deal for marketers, and the platform has just been updated.

Up until now, the objectives that could be measured on Canvas were simply confined to website clicks and website conversions. Those, of course, are all well and good, but as marketers we have many more objectives that we need to measure, including reach, brand awareness, video views and many more besides – and Canvas now incorporates all of these and more, meaning that marketers can get better insights into more variables in more of their campaigns.

But that’s just the beginning of the update. Here’s what the blog has to say:

“Recently, we introduced new metrics for Canvas to help marketers understand the performance of each component – videos, photos and buttons – within their Canvas. Marketers can now learn from each Canvas they run, determining which designs work best to achieve their campaign goals.

“Making Canvas accessible for all brands means simplifying the creation experience so that marketers don’t have to build them from scratch. Soon, we’ll provide advertisers with templates for Canvas that incorporate the best practices for their marketing use cases. These templates will be available in the coming months, but here’s a sneak peek:

14458224_1756115664652613_3960904228616011776_n VIPs, Conversions and Canvas Ads: Your digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

(Image source:

Further updates that enable marketers to include things like 360 videos, and the ability to link buttons and images to another Canvas, have also been added.

There are a number of example videos on the Facebook for Business blog, and I definitely encourage you to head over and check them out – you won’t be able to resist giving the platform a try once you see them (and for more, head over to the Canvas Examples Public Group on Facebook – there’s a decent little community there sharing and discussing all things Canvas).

Twitter’s New Website Conversions Objectives

Much like Facebook, Twitter, too, knows how important objectives are for marketers – they’re what all our work is focussed on, after all.

Twitter’s response this week has been to introduce a new Website Conversions objective for direct response advertisers. It’s just available in the US at the moment, though, as always, what starts there eventually spreads around the rest of the world, so let’s sit up and pay attention.

Here’s how it works according to the Twitter official blog:

“Website Conversions campaigns use data from Twitter website tags and Twitter’s interest and intent signals to optimize your campaign to deliver more conversions while meeting your cost-per-conversion goal. You’ll reach your audience on Twitter and extend your campaign to thousands of apps and websites so you can drive conversions across devices and environments.”

CB-2109_WebsiteConversions_Key_092012.001 VIPs, Conversions and Canvas Ads: Your digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

The update is especially useful for marketers who are making efforts to retarget website visitors – which we should all of course be doing, as retargeting is one of the very best tactics for generating more conversions at scale.

Periscope Introduces New VIP Program

Just in case you thought you’d managed to get through a Digital Marketing Roundup without a reminder about the importance video, it’s time we now turned our attentions to Periscope.

The live streaming video app has unveiled its new VIP Program, designed to give the most active contributors even greater reach and exposure.

Users are invited to apply to become VIP members of Periscope, on a dedicated page that provides the following information:

“The VIP Program is designed for broadcasters who’ve invested in our platform and continue to share live experiences on Periscope. As a member of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to get recognized in the community, reach new viewers, and collaborate with other great broadcasters. As your community grows, you’ll unlock even more benefits.”

This is great news for users who have conscientiously heeded our persistent advice on this blog to get involved with video marketing and live video marketing in particular. And I say this because there are certain eligibility requirements you have to meet to be accepted as a VIP on Periscope.

The scheme is based on a three-tier program – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Just to be accepted on the Bronze tier you will need at least 10,000 followers, have an average of 200+ live viewers per broadcast, and be broadcasting at least twice a week on average.

screenshot-periscope VIPs, Conversions and Canvas Ads: Your digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Don’t meet the requirements? Well, it’s time you started listening to us and set to work building your presence on this brilliant platform!!

That’s it!! Keep rubbing your hands together at the prospects of these new opportunities – it will keep you warm if nothing else!!