YouTube Analytics offer significant potential for business on a number of levels, if you can just get the mix right. Fortunately, the video sites analytics tools allow you to measure and understand how your videos are doing and so aid you in building videos that are better, more apt to your audience and are more likely to be shared. However, not everyone knows what to look out for. So, here’s how to make the most of YouTube Insights.

youtube_analytics A Guide to YouTube Analytics

Views – YouTube Analytics

Let’s start simply. The number of views a video gets is the most important determination of its success. The best way to understand how a particular video is doing well or not, is to simply take all your videos and find the average views. Videos which have had more than the average have done better and vica versa. This gives you insight into which content is liked and what sort isn’t, allowing you to plan for the future.

 A Guide to YouTube Analytics


A better way of determining engagement is the ratings count. Look into Likes, comments and dislikes more closely by going to the bar graph. This makes it all the easier to see, which data has done well and gives you further insight into what your should produce more of and what not to produce. Likes and dislikes are also taken into account for video search engine ranking.

How – YouTube Analytics

Understanding how traffic gets to your site provides you with further ammo for video creation. By going to the bar chart you can see where referrals came from. This gives you an insight into which channels are good for your videos and which aren’t. It also shows which sites embed video naturally and really allows you to adjust your video promotion strategy. You should also alert sites that naturally embed video and you do well from of any new videos in the pipeline so they can prepare to share it.


Go deeper into YouTube analytics by choosing ‘view more statistics’. This will show you deeper data on your audience and their demographics. This allows you the information to create footage directly for the demographics you want your video to speak to.

Retention – YouTube Analytics

By getting an understanding of how engaging your video is and finding a drop off point in the video, where people commonly switch off, you can find a weak point in the video. This drop off point shows you the weak point in the video and provides something for you to examine and change about in the future.

Sharing Reports

Look through sharing reports to understand which of your videos is shared the most. We all dream of viral video heaven, so understanding which videos did well and get an inclination of why this is the case. This allows you to make future videos that may have an increased chance of going viral.

Subscribers Report – YouTube Analytics

The subscribers report allows you to see the rises and falls in those who subscribe to your videos. Perhaps one video was terrible and you lost a lot of subscribers, or perhaps one was excellent for subscriber rates. Once more look at these videos, try figure what made them successful and then emulate that to increase rates of subscription.

All of these YouTube analytics allow you to make informed decisions and aim to increase the level of engagement and numbers of views your video gets. How are you using YouTube Insight to help your business?

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