Since the “Sh!% Girls Say” video meme has come under fire for portraying broad and somewhat sexist stereotypes, and seems to be dwindling in popularity, there have been a host of young pretenders vying for the opportunity to distract countless students and office workers at their desks while they should be working. Here are some of the latest weird and wonderful selections from the audio-visual candy store that is YouTube.

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Katy Perry’s Timeline

It’s been a big week for Facebook. First, it entered the top twenty most valuable brands in the world, ranking at number 19 just behind Amazon. Then, perhaps just a little less impressively, Katy Perry premiered the lyric video for her new single “Wide Awake”, which makes full animated use of Facebook’s Timeline function to tell the story of the last few years in the life of the pop star, from the launch of her album Teenage Dream in 2010 to the present. Highlights include voicing the role of Smurfette and meeting Mr Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg.

 Catch up on your viral videos

Auror’s Tale

The final chapter in the Harry Potter saga hit cinemas last summer, closing the book for good on the wizarding world. Or so you thought. “Auror’s Tale”, an upcoming ten-part webseries, is an unofficial fan-made effort set in the world that JK Rowling created, featuring an original story and characters. It will follow Hawthorne, the newest recruit in an elite, New York-based team of Aurors (wizards who fight against use of the dark arts). The teaser trailer has been making the rounds since it landed on 14th May. If you’ve been pining for Potter ever since the film series ended, this might just be for you.


My Last Wish

Want to write your very own bucket list? Now there’s an app for that. This admittedly odd trailer describes the concept rather succinctly. MyLast Wish is a social network devised by app developer The White Lotus Corporation,where individuals can post the things they want to do before they die on a “Wish Wall” and receive support from other users. The aim of the iPhone app is to connect people who share the same wishes, with the ultimate goal of helping them carry them out.


Call Me Maybe

You’re a young athlete travelling from town to town to compete with your teammates. What do you do to pass the time and alleviate the boredom? The latest trend, it would seem, is to rehearseand perform a routine to Carly Rae Jepsen’s bubble-gum pop ballad “Call Me Maybe”. A whole slew of videos have cropped up on YouTube of various college teams making the Number 1 single their own, although they have a way to go before they can top the official video’s 72,500,000 views.


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