One of my recent posts gave a quick run down of the best in online marketing videos – all very well, but how can the small or medium-size business marketer succeed in this area without a big video marketing budget? What if you’re shy about appearing on film, or don’t have the time for web video production?

Video Marketing -The search for stories.

The answer is that video’s an area which is developing by the minute, and it’s getting easier and easier to use this medium in ways which are quick, easy and accessible. Business video production is possible with no acting or filming skills whatsoever. The best recent development by far in this area is Google Search Stories. Using the Search Stories Video Creator simply enter six search terms, add music, and you get an animated montage telling the story of your search. See The Torfino Riders’ surf search story below:

recipe-1 Quick and Easy Web Video Marketing


Educational quick and easy.

A more established but still popular way of making videos sans-camera is to create video tutorials. Often, it’s just so much easier to explain a process on-screen than it is to write out a set of instructions. How often have we struggled to interpret a list of written steps to carry out a simple function on Word or Excel, for example? Video production tutorials provide the answer. For a personal touch, Camstudio allows you to add a little screen featuring you talking on webcam.

Interview Intrigue.

So next up, a great way to create attractive content in a relatively quick and simple way is to make video production interviews. You can of course interview someone in the workplace who has an unusual or specialised technical role – maybe the in-house chocolate taster or dog psychologist. Another good place to get lots of short and snappy interviews is at your industry’s trade show. Experts will be keen to talk about their field or product, and you get invaluable content to pass on to your viewers. It’s win-win.

Video Marketing – Creative Thinking.

It’s no secret – viral video production is about video with a quirky, unusual, and thought-provoking premise. Coming up with ideas like these involves activating right-brained thinking and provoking creative leaps and connections. Just saying that on it’s own is a bit esoteric really, and unless you’re an expert in creativity, you’re going to need a suggestion of something concrete to get you started. This is where YouTube Suggest comes in. Just type your search term into the box and

YouTube provides a list of recent searches – giving you some video ideas as well as giving you an insight into user search behavior:


video production leeds Quick and Easy Web Video Marketing












And you can use YouTube Comment Search in a similar way:

creative%20web%20video%20production%20leeds%20and%20london Quick and Easy Web Video Marketing

So it’s simple – use search suggestions and comment searches to get ideas, make interesting interviews, and use handy online tools to make uber-quick slices of video, and you’ll find you’re swiftly able to create a stream of exciting and engaging video production content for your blog or website design.

We hope you enjoyed our video marketing guide. Please do let us know what you make of it via the comments section 🙂