tumblr What Are the Winning Qualities of Top Tumblr Book Deals?It sounds like a dream come true. Set up a Tumblr, post fun content, get a book deal, profit. But what are the winning attributes that get publishers’ attention and lead to Tumblr-to-book deals? Here are 5 blogs that came along at just the right time, with the perfect mix of qualities.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

If you’ve ever seen a photo of a smouldering blonde actor with a caption commencing ‘Hey Girl…’ then you’ve been Feminist Ryan Goslinged. What landed blogger Danielle Henderson wild Tumblr success, and finally a book deal, was the shareabilty of her Gosling-based creations. Though Henderson didn’t invent the “Hey Girl…” meme herself, she noticed a trend that was being shared at high volume, and piggybacked on the concept to her ultimate success.

 What Are the Winning Qualities of Top Tumblr Book Deals?

Top Quality: Shareability

ryan-gosling What Are the Winning Qualities of Top Tumblr Book Deals?

Rides a Bike

Rides a Bike taps into our nostalgia for a simpler time by showing stars from the golden age of Hollywood, and other eras, on their bicycles. Combining the twin hip virtues of vintage imagery and bicycles, blogger Steven Rea hit just the right spot and landed a book deal with Hollywood Rides a Bike. Rea did himself a favour by securing top press coverage for the blog, with mentions in AnOther, Marie Claire, and Treehugger, amongst other hip and trendy publications.

Top Quality: nostalgia factor

tumblr-vintage-bicycle What Are the Winning Qualities of Top Tumblr Book Deals?


How did scanned cross-sections of lunchtime sandwiches become popular enough to land a book deal? I reckon it’s something about their deliciousness and hunger-provoking factor. What’s more, they have a way of bringing a Zen-like focus to a mundane everyday item, showing it from a different perspective and highlighting a kind of beauty. These are oddly scroll-worthy sandwiches.

Top Quality: tastebud factor

scanwiches What Are the Winning Qualities of Top Tumblr Book Deals?

Stuff White People Like

A deal from back in the day, Stuff White People Like was one of the original Tumblr-to-book deals that alerted bloggers and writers to a paradigm shift in publishing. Christian Lander’s carefully observed social commentary has landed not one, but two book deals, with Whiter Shades of Pale published in 2010.

Top quality: razor sharp social commentary

This is Why You’re Fat

Another classic Tumblr. Bearing the strapline ‘Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks’, This is Why You’re Fat showcased reader submissions of dubiously delicious, and definitely artery-clogging dishes. The creators of This Is Why You’re Fat tapped in to a trend – in 2008 blogs like Pimp my Snack and Super-Sized Meals were standard Internet entertainment. Riding the wave of a trend eared blogger Jessica Amason 2 million pageviews in the blog’s first 48 hours online.

Top quality: tapping in to the zeitgeist

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