facebook-ads What is Facebook Power Editor and Why You Should Use it?What is Facebook Power Editor? This is a question that you may hear even the savviest of marketers ask.

Facebook Power Editor is an extremely powerful ad management tool for Facebook that allows you to manage a variety of adverts and variations on those adverts quickly and easily. It’s a far better prospect than the basic alternative and can be easily added via Chrome. In essence, it’s the perfect way to supercharge your Facebook ads.

 What is Facebook Power Editor and Why You Should Use it?

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of using the Power Editor:

One of the big benefits of the Power Editor is that users tend to get the chance to use the latest features first.

For instance Facebook has partnered up with a number of data mining companies and collects all sorts of data on lifestyle choices and purchases and this in turn allows for some very exact advert targeting. This targeting is based on buying history and survey completion and so is often a lot closer to reality than interest and broad category targeting as these are based on profiles which are often outdated.


Power Editor also includes other great additions such as Look Alike Audiences. This feature will analyse the top 1% of your customer list focused on similarity or top 5% focused on reach and then target advertising at similar customers.

In addition, the tool allows you to save audiences based on preferences, saving you time and meaning you don’t have to constantly re-enter data each time you need to create a new advert.

These are just three of a range of features that the powerful tool allows you access to.


The Power Editor also allows you the opportunity to target the appearance of adverts, something the normal option doesn’t. This means you can place the advert in the Newsfeed, right hand column or elsewhere via the clicking of a few buttons.facebook-power-editor-icons What is Facebook Power Editor and Why You Should Use it?

In addition, it also allows you to target specific mobile devices. This sort of thing could be very helpful for adverts that are platform specific – say for instance a new IOS app. When used in conjunction with Facebook Ads it can provide you with insight into what placements are the most beneficial.

Edit in Bulk

The Bulk Editing feature is a great one and can save you lots of ticking and removing ticks from boxes. Instead of having to change a factor in each advert individually it’s possible to change all of them at once with Power Editor. In addition, it also allows you to duplicate an ad campaign with the click of a button.

Advert Bidding

Ad bidding can be a quite limiting in the traditional ad tool and only allows you the chance to bid based on

•    Optimised CPM
•    CPM – per 1,000 impressions
•    CPC – per click
•    Optimised CPC – per click

Power Editor allows you to set up bids for all of these and also for:

•    Clicks
•    Reach
•    Social
•    Actions

This allows you the opportunity to optimise for a manual or a pre-set conversion spec. This means you can optimise a post with your end goal in mind, whether it is more Likes, engagement or using manual means a range of other actions using Power Editor.facebook-power-editor What is Facebook Power Editor and Why You Should Use it?

These are just some of the great things you can do with Facebook Power Editor and it’s only the start. Facebook Power Editor can save time, money and effort and is a definitely worth a try.

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