pinterest-logo Which are Pinterest’s Top 10 UK Brands?A recent report by EDigtialResearch revealed which brands are prince and princess of the Pins.

10. Ikea

Pinterest is an easy place to dream about your perfect home and collect endless images of the kind of place you’ll have ‘one day’. Ikea knows this, too, and takes advantage of eager Pinners’ hunger for interior design.

 Which are Pinterest’s Top 10 UK Brands?

9. River Island

Remember River Island? Well actually, they never went away, and maybe this brand can begin to win back some of its mid-90s kudos with its savvy Pinterest marketing. I’m actually still not convinced by the brand, as the products combine high pattern with brash accessories, but are very cheaply made, and it shows. BUT River Island has scaled it to the dizzy heights of 8th most popular UK brand on Pinterest, so they’re clearly tapping in to someone’s desires.

pinterest Which are Pinterest’s Top 10 UK Brands?

8. Selfridges

Selfridges prove that luxury brands can and do crack the nut that is social media marketing. Rather than going for an obvious “luxury” look and feel, Selfridges has chosen a light, whimsical theme and palette, which aligns well with Pinterest overall. Boards that work with the network’s broader appeal include Summer Eating, Mellow Yellow, and Selfridges Home.

7. Claire’s Accessories

I did a double take at this one because I must admit that I associate Claire’s with the cheap and tacky end of the accessory market. But with stores on every high street, it’s clear that Claire’s is a successful brand. On Pinterest, they’ve made sure to tap into the loves of their teenage target market – boards include #1DLove and Prom Hair and Beauty.

6. Harrods

Here’s another luxury brand making best advantage of Pinterest’s aspirational tendencies. The department store uses strong, polished photography to showcase its high-end items, and focuses on fashion products to appeal to Pinterest’s core demographic.

5. Boden

With 360 degree branding encapsulating an aspirational upper-middle class British lifestyle, complete with cupcakes and bunting, Boden was surely a brand created for Pinterest. Yes, they do stock red trousers.

boden-pinterest Which are Pinterest’s Top 10 UK Brands?

4. Topshop

Topshop’s Pinterest page makes the most of the brand’s uber-hip high-fashion credentials with boards including Topshop at Fashion Week and a Spotted in Topshop celebrity board.


ASOS, short for As Seen on Screen, promises us the opportunity to emulate the latest celebrity designer looks, at a fraction of the cost. A focus on fame, film and festivals boosts the brand’s Pinterest presence.

2. Net-A-Porter

An online brand from the get-go, Net-A-Porter have always understood how to use digital presentation to create the want. With over 46,000 followers, the company has really nailed Pinterest, using boards to create a similar feel to an upscale women’s lifestyle magazine. And after all, that’s pretty much Pinterest’s core function and market.

1. Topman

Who’d have thought it on a social network dominated by women’s magazine style content, but Topman is indeed the number 1 brand on Pinterest.

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