repurpose Why you should Repurpose, Embed and bring that Content Back to LifeYou may or may not have heard of content repackaging or repurposing? In short, it’s turning content into a variety of different sorts of media to repurpose them elsewhere. This process is something that can be easily achieved with most forms of media

Content potentially comes in so many forms, text, video, images, slides and all the rest and this sort of content repackaging ensures you get the most out of content.


Embedding can be one of the easiest and also most successful ways to bring your content to a new digital realm. If you currently use WP as your site’s platform, then it’s all quite simple really as you can embed almost anything. So, whether it’s social media, testimonials or otherwise – WordPress has it covered.

Embedding works so well because it breaks up text, is image like in its focus and because of the often short nature of the image, say for instance an embedded Twitter post – packs punch in a small space.

For example, embedding allows you to take the best of Twitter and repurpose it on your site. Think of all those live Twitter chats you’ve had, or customer questions you’ve answered in depth on Facebook – they’re all embeddable on your blog or site, allowing you the chance to repurpose them.

Other Social Media

One of the really cool things about Twitter embedded posts is that they allow you to follow, retweet or Favourite from the embedded post. It’s also just a matter of adding the URL to the tweet to embed – simples!


Pinterest is a little different and you will need to use the tools area of the Pinterest site to do so. Here you take the URL and then choose the widget you want to incorporate with it. It’s also possible to add a Pin it, follow or a profile widget too. These allow you the chance to embed a link to the board too.


youtube-embed Why you should Repurpose, Embed and bring that Content Back to Life

 Why you should Repurpose, Embed and bring that Content Back to Life

YouTube makes it so easy to embed, especially if you have a WordPress site. The site provides you with an embed code below the display, which you simply copy and paste into the URL. The video is usually an automatic size when it displays on-site, however it’s possible to customise it by altering the short code. Take for instance this short code –


The ‘320’ and ’240’ figures within the code are the dimensions of the video area. Change these to change the site. In addition, add a sitemap to your site for video with this tool.

One cool tip is to use LeadPlayer to also embed an email form allowing users to opt-in. This should increase engagement for your embedded video.

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts are fantastic, informative addition to a website – especially when you get a couple or more informative minds together. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to embed these meeting of minds on your blog and allow the world to see the discussion.

Google Hangouts, as we often discuss, are a fantastic user friendly platform that can really add dynamism and life to a blog or website if the topic is right.

Embedding content and repurposing it is a great way to give life to quality content and create new, quality content for your site that gets reader’s attention.

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