Friday June 24th 2016
In! Out! In! Out!

Looking at the news this week it may have seemed that the UK referendum was the only thing worth covering. But it’s all over now, my friends, and I’m pleased to tell you that the Hokey Cokey is not what it’s all about.

smiley-1039937_640 YouTube Director and Emoji Targeting: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Beneath all the cheers, the fist pumps and the wagging of angry fingers, the world of digital marketing has been ploughing on regardless – here’s your weekly roundup to keep you up to date with what you might have missed.

Introducing YouTube Director

Social media continues its ascent into the realms of video. With Facebook now being able to boast that its users watch more hours of video than YouTube’s, the latter has created a new set of tools to fight back.

It’s called YouTube Director, and comes with its very own suite of products that have been designed to enable content creators to make high quality, professional video advertisements right from their smartphones.

Here’s the promo:

As you can probably tell by the accents, the YouTube Director For Business App has currently only been released for iPhone in Canada and the US. But, from the looks of things and early reviews, it really does sound like this thing does exactly what it says on the tin – i.e. making the process of creating, editing and publishing a video on YouTube super-duper simple. I, for one, am looking forward to the app arriving in the UK (the electorate allowing such foreign influence to continue, of course).

New Pinterest Retargeting Tools

Targeting and retargeting. These are two words that are – or should be – prized members of the digital marketer’s vocabulary. Facebook has been championing retargeting for an age (i.e. with Facebook Custom Audiences), and of course your YouTube account links up nicely with your AdWords, which contains many tools for the same purpose.

6.13-audience-targeting-blog-inline-final YouTube Director and Emoji Targeting: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

And now Pinterest has jumped aboard the retargeting train. Adding three brand new targeting options to the business account holder’s arsenal, marketers can now refine their targeting efforts concerning the delivery of Promoted Pins by combining Pinterest data with their own business data.

From the horse’s mouth:

“[The new tools] let you combine what you know about your customers with what we know about people on Pinterest. So the next time the customer who bought your leather tote browses Pinterest, you can show them another bag from your latest product line.”

Specifically, your new retargeting armoury (for users of the Pinterest Ads Manager) consists of:

  • Customer list targeting: Target existing customers using emails or mobile ad IDs
  • Visitor retargeting: Reach people who’ve visited your site
  • Lookalike targeting: Reach a larger group of people who look and act similar to your audience

Facebook Store Locator

If you’ve got a business with a physical presence on the high street, then by now hopefully you will be already using local awareness ads to help Googlers find you.

If not, then Facebook have just launched another incentive for you to keep pulling your marketing campaigns into the 21st Century.

The Facebook Store Locator has been developed to make things even easier for business owners with a high street presence to become discoverable by people (with smartphones) nearby. The evolution of omnichannel retail is progressing faster than ever in response to user demand. Indeed, Facebook research has revealed that people now use their mobiles in 45% of all shopping journeys – and that’s only set to increase as traditional retailers keep moving towards the realms of the digital with things like beacons and in-app only offers becoming more and more commonplace.

“The store locator shows a map of all of the locations that a business has nearby. People can click on the map in the advert to view information about nearby locations. Without leaving the advert or app, they can view the address, opening times, phone number, website and estimated travel time for each store,” the Facebook blog explains.
Great stuff.

Twitter Announces Emoji Targeting

I’ve checked and double checked the calendar, and this is no April Fool.

Twitter Emoji Targeting is indeed a real thing – and I have to say that it’s not something that I would have never thought about in a million years, but, now it’s here, I’m starting to think that there might just be something in this.

As noted with the latest update from Pinterest, targeting and retargeting are exceptionally important skills to have for digital marketers – and now we can even start targeting those who are keen users of the emoji.

From the Twitter Blog:

“Now, advertisers can target people who have recently Tweeted or engaged with Tweets featuring emojis with the help of select Twitter Official Partners: AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Perion, SocialCode, and 4C. This new feature uses emoji activity as a signal of a person’s mood or mindset — unlocking unique opportunities for marketers. Now, brands can:

  • Connect with people based on their expressed sentiment
  • Target people who Tweet food emojis
  • Reach people based on their passions

That’s it!

This coming week, it looks like all eyes will be focused on whether there will now be a second referendum for Scottish independence, so make sure you catch the roundup with us next Friday to see what you’ve missed in digital marketing.

Ciao for now!