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University of Leeds: The Edge Gym

Social Media Campaign

The Brief

The University of Leeds came to My Social Agency looking to boost new membership sign-ups for their onsite gym, the Edge. The challenge faced by the University was that after an initial free membership period, the number of users purchasing ongoing memberships was very low.

The location and convenience of the gym was never in question, but there were still some common misconceptions about the gym to dispel, which included concerns about overcrowding during peak times. The Edge needed our help to address such concerns and re-engage with their audience who were using other local, cheaper competitors. The challenge set for MSA was to collaborate with another creative agency, and amplify their pre-planned campaign across social media.

The Strategy

The University’s creative agency delivered their static concept to us, and we moved forward by bringing their work to life via a series of animated GIFs. These were then published across the various, university owned social media channels, which included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In order to ensure that we were targeting the correct demographic, we developed custom Facebook audiences.  By doing this, we were able to ensure that the adverts were shown to relevant people, in this case students at the University of Leeds, and that the cost per acquisition was as low as possible.  Finally, we developed additional benefit-led content including video, static and animated assets for the campaign, giving the gym's unique selling point one more push.

University of Leeds: The Edge Gym - Example Work
University of Leeds: The Edge Gym - Example Work

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