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Ciroc: The Ciroc Experience

The Ciroc Experience: Increasing brand exposure via social media

The Brief

Ciroc are an ultra premium vodka brand, who link themselves with the UK club scene by running ‘The Ciroc Experience’ events at nightclubs all over the UK.

Ciroc were looking for an original way to generate exposure and sell tickets to ‘The Ciroc Experience’ using social media.

The Strategy

My Social Agency recognised that this was a project that would have multiple uses. Using our ‘hub builder’ custom CMS, we developed a roulette style game which allowed users to tap the Ciroc Blue Orb to spin the wheel and win great prizes, along with free tickets to the event. With integrated email automation, our system handled all prize allocation, saving Ciroc a large amount of admin, and upsold tickets to the event to users who were not lucky enough to win.

On its first use, the project has been a massive success. Ciroc have sold out their event and collected a huge amount of GDPR compliant marketing data to be used for future promotions.

Ciroc: The Ciroc Experience - Example Work
Ciroc: The Ciroc Experience - Example Work

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