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Social Media App Development

Custom App Development

Social media apps boost engagement, collect leads, deliver brand messages and are an essential extension to many social media campaigns. We are one of the UK's leading social media app development agencies creating engaging experiences that get real results for your brand.

Communication must be two way and interactive

Today’s technology has raised the bar in what people expect from brands trying to reach out to them. Gone are the days of static ads that only allowed for one way communication from the brand to its audience. Digital marketing focuses on engagement and user experience has to be at the forefront of any marketing campaign we launch.

Brands must reach out on social

Brands have to ensure they are positioned where their audience is spending time, on social media platforms, and to interact with them in interesting and stimulating ways. Users are easily distracted and it takes a creative and innovative approach to attract their attention and retain it. That’s where social media app development comes in very useful.

Use an app to amaze, entertain, inform and gather data

Apps come in all shapes and sizes and fulfil a range of purposes from gathering contact data, building awareness, promoting products and services or increasing sales and bookings. They can be integrated natively within platforms such as the Facebook app store, or be powered by a stand alone mobile responsive website.

Either way, they must be tailored to appeal to the appropriate audience and designed to offer an interesting and easy user experience. We build apps that are designed to work on any device and can integrate with any available social network feature.

Our apps meet your objectives

Whether you have an idea for a social media app already, or simply a business goal which you wish to achieve, we have the expertise and creative minds to develop an app that suits your brand and fulfils your marketing objective.

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