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Create a Social Media Strategy Based On Your Personas

Branding & Strategy

A social media strategy has to be defined before any social media activity can be planned or implemented. It is the guiding light that matches business goals with online activity. First, we must have a solid, in-depth understanding of who you are and who your clients are. This understanding is the backbone that informs a My Social Agency social media strategy.

Brand analysis

Understanding your brand means knowing as much as possible about your company’s persona including its voice and image, what you do and who you serve. An intimate feel for your brand and empathy with your customers is vital if we are to identify the social media approach you should be using. This analysis will also dictate the guidelines that we apply to social media campaigns once the strategy has been determined.

Social media personas

As well as understanding your brand persona, it is vital to understand your customer personas. Brands will always have at least one (normally many) different kinds of people who they would like to target. It is essential to develop a detailed persona for each category of your target audience and tailor all social media marketing activity to your audience.

Social media audit

The brand analysis and social media personas will give us an indication of how you should be using social media channels and in what kind of content. Next, we carry out a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all your current social media activity to see how it matches up with the findings of our analysis. In the process, we identify your activities strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).

Building the strategy

The strategy depends on clearly defined marketing goals. We pay close attention to the brief, questioning its purpose where appropriate, and we home in on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will deliver a return on investment. Building on the strengths of your current social media activity, we decide which social media tools we are going to use, set goals based on the KPIs of the project, and set a roadmap to achieve those goals.


For a strategy to succeed, brand persona and company ethos needs to be nailed down, including a tone of voice for the various social media channels you will use. We use this to produce a social media policy that gives clear direction to social media managers on best practice, tone of voice, and general guidelines on how to behave on appropriate platforms. This is used as a reference source by anybody involved in the brand’s social media management moving forward. The guideline also outlines important visual considerations such as imagery, colour palette and fonts.

Strategies that evolve

Our agile approach to marketing means that once a strategy has been implemented into your social media campaign, we will make it as easy as possible for regular checks and and reports to be produced on progress. We learn from campaign performance and, where necessary, make changes to strategy based on this experience to maximise results and ensure your goals are reached.

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