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Robert Half


The Brief

Robert Half international is one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies for the technical and financial sectors with offices in over 400 locations worldwide. Based in London's iconic Shard. Robert Half has a clearly defined and well established brand that is consistently maintained across all its communication platforms globally. In order to stay consistent with the brand in other global regions, we have to adhere to strict guidelines for all that we do for Robert Half UK.

Robert Half UK publish an essential asset every year for employers and employees, called the Salary Guide. This is important because it guides employees on the sort of packages they should be aiming for based on their skills and experience. This knowledge is also invaluable for employers who want to attract and retain the best candidates. MSA were asked to generate strategies to drive downloads of the Salary Guide PDF using social media channels.

The Strategy

#KnowYourValue was a campaign aimed at employers and employees using a mix of organic and paid posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. Content and visuals followed 4 themes: animated call to action posts to encourage Salary Guide downloads, infographics to highlight the research Robert Half has done, and employee and employer focused engagement posts.

Following the content creation, specific audiences in Facebook and LinkedIn were set up to reach only relevant users, budgets were allocated to each post, and the campaign was run.

Robert Half - Example Work

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